Sensoflox Ophthalmic Drops


Sensoflox Sterile Ophthalmic Drops

For various external eye infections cause by Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria that are susceptible to Ofloxacin Ophthalmic Solution.

Product Name

Sensoflox Sterile Ophthalmic Drops

Generic Name


Pharmacological Classification



Various external eye infections caused by Staphylococcus spp., Streptococcus spp., Nterococcus spp., Corynebacterium spp., and gram-negative bacteria like P. aeruginosa, H. influenza, E. coli, Citrobacter spp., Acinetobacter spp., Providencia spp., Psedomonas spp., A calcoaceticus and Alcaligenes spp. And anaerobes.

Administration and Dosage

Tilt head upwards to allow infected eye to face up and instill 1-2 drops of ofloxacin ophthalmic solution twice daily from 7 to a maximum of 14 days, morning and evening into the affected eye. Keep face tilted up to 5 minutes and remove excess solution with a clean cotton, or as prescribed by a physician.

Directions For Use

Tilt bottle over affected area and squeeze to allow drops to get into affected eye until 1-2 drops come out.

Precautions/ Contraindications: 

1. Use no longer than 14 days.

2. Refrain from using in patients with a history of hypersensitivity to any of the components in this medications

3. Discontinue use if adverse reaction appears.


Foods, Drugs, Devices and Cosmetics Act prohibits dispensing without prescription.


Keep tightly closed after every use. Store in cool place.


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